Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mary BIDDLE and John MENGLE family

John MENGEL or MENGLE married Mary BIDDLE on 31 December 1871 in Sandusky County, Ohio. They lived in Madison Township, Sandusky County, Ohio and had 5 children there. John died on 12 June 1879 in Gibsonburg, Sandusky County, Ohio.

Mary BIDDLE was born 14 January 1853. After John's death, she married Castleton AKE. She died in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio on 22 May 1939.

The children of John MENGEL and Mary BIDDLE, all born in Sandusky County, Ohio, were:
  1. Emma MENGEL born 6 October 1870 and died 13 October 1837 in Toledo, Ohio. She married Joseph William Nigh on 4 March 1891 in Lucas County, Ohio.
  2. Clara MENGEL born 14 November 1872 and died 17 July 1952 in Toledo, Ohio.
  3. Minnie MENGEL was born 15 May 1874 and died 23 November 1879 in Sandusky County, Ohio.
  4. Daniel Oscar MENGEL was born 30 August 1878.
  5. John Lambert MENGEL was born 22 February 1880. He died 10 August 1880.
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