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Benoit DANNENMULLER and Madeleine BECHEL family

Benoit DANNENMULLER was born 2 March 1790. His parents were Benoit DANNENMULLER and Elisabeth MARTIN. He married Madeleine BECHEL on 17 January 1812 in Schirrhein, Alsace, France. Madeleine was born about 1793 to Jean BECHEL and Madeleine HALTER.

On 9 October 1838, Benoit and Madeleine arrived in New York City with most of their children. Included on the voyage was their daughter Reine or Regina and her husband and children. They lived in Wayne County and Stark County, Ohio. Benoit died on 1 June 1862 and was buried in St. Michael's Cemetery in Baughman Township, Wayne County, Ohio. Madeleine died on 31 May 1865 and was buried in St. Peter's Cemetery in Plain Township, Stark County, Ohio.

Their children were:

Reine DANNENMULLER born 2 May 1812 in Schirrhein. She married Louis ZURCHER on 26 January 1833 in Schirrhein. She died on 19 October 1898 in Tiffin, Seneca County, Ohio.

Benoit "Benedict" DANNENMULLER born 22 December 1813 in Schirrhein. He married Barbara SCHEIBER on 20 December 1838 in Stark County, Ohio. He died 24 April 1897 in Canton, Stark County, Ohio.

Rosalie DANNENMULLER born 31 August 1816 in Schirrhein.

Jean "John" DANNENMULLER born 27 December 1817 in Schirrhein. He married Catherine FRONLEY on 18 July 1843 in Portage County, Ohio. He died in 1888.

Madeleine DANNENMULLER born 10 April 1820 in Schirrhein. She married Nicholas STEINMETZ on 15 November 1842 in Stark County, Ohio. She died on 15 April 1858.

Josephine DANNENMULLER born 16 December 1821 in Schirrhein. She married Anthony SILLER on 5 September 1841 in Stark County, Ohio. Then she married Anthony SCHONHARDT on 10 June 1845 in Stark County, Ohio. She died on 7 June 1898 in Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio.

Mathieu DANNENMULLER born 23 February 1825 in Schirrhein. He died 19 April 1825 in Schirrhein.

Etienne "Stephen" DANNENMULLER born 25 December 1826 in Schirrhein. He married Barbara STEINMETZ on 29 January 1853 in Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio. He died 31 December 1905 in Doylestown, Wayne County, Ohio.

Anne Marie DANNENMULLER born 28 June 1828 in Schirrhein. She died 7 December 1829 in Schirrhein.

Julie DANNENMULLER born 7 April 1830 in Schirrhein. She married John SEAGLY on 22 November 1849 in Stark County, Ohio. She died in 1904 and was buried in Woodruff Memorial Gardens in LaGrange County, Indiana.

Medarde DANNENMULLER born 8 June 1833 in Schirrhein. He married Margaret GEHRUS on 26 March 1857 in Wayne County, Ohio. He died 30 March 1890 in Canton, Stark County, Ohio.

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