Saturday, April 12, 2014

George Augustine and Barbara Sheets Family

George Augustine was born circa 1782. He married Barbara Sheets or Shitz in April 1807 in Columbiana County, Ohio. Barbara was born circa 1787 in Maryland.

George and Barbara lived in Columbiana, Stark and Seneca counties in Ohio.

George died in October 1846 and Barbara died in 1863. They were buried in Mexico Cemetery in Tymochtee Township, Wyandot County, Ohio.

George Augustine and Barbara Sheets had 10 children:
  1. Jesse Augustine (1811-1891) married Eliza Mills (1822-1909).
  2. John Augustine (1811-1900) married Mary Ann Lane (1814-1878).
  3. Elizabeth Augustine (1816-1900) married 1st Abraham Stalter (1816-1853), married 2nd William Walton (ca. 1813 - ?), and married 3rd Azariah Charlton (ca. 1812 - ?).
  4. Susanna Augustine (1818 - ?) married Ezekiel Eyestone (ca. 1817 - ?).
  5. Margaret Augustine (1821-1888) married 1st Jacob Waggoner and married 2nd Daniel Laudenslager (1810-1882).
  6. George Augustine (ca. 1822 - ?)
  7. Isaac Augustine (Sep 1823-1905) married Susannah Yambert (1832-1909).
  8. Abraham Augustine (Sep 1823 - ?) married Sarah Hartman (ca. 1831-1886).
  9. Henry Augustine.
  10. Polly Augustine.
Jesse and John both report birth date in 1811 but in different months, so at least one is wrong. Isaac and Abraham both report being born in September 1823 and are probably twins.

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

John Augustine and Mary Ann Lane Family

John Augustine was born 11 July 1811 in Ohio to George Augustine and Barbara Sheets. He married Mary Ann Lane circa 1835, probably in Seneca County, Ohio. Mary Ann was born 15 January 1814 in Maryland.

John and Mary lived in Seneca County, Ohio before migrating to Wyandot County, Ohio and then Wood County, Ohio in the 1850s.

Mary died 20 April 1878 in Center Township, Wood County, Ohio. She was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Bowling Green, Ohio. After Mary's death, John moved to Michigan to live with his oldest son, Silas. John died in North Star Township, Gratiot County, Michigan on 18 May 1900. He was apparently buried in Emerson Cemetery in Gratiot County, but no record has been found.

John Augustine and Mary Ann Lane had 11 children:
  1. Silas S Augustine (1836-1916) married 1st Mary Carter (1840-1873) and married 2nd Margaret McClane (1854-1917).
  2. Louisa Augustine (1838-1859).
  3. Hiram Augustine (1840-1879) married Mary Ellen Anderson (1847-1879).
  4. George W Augustine (ca. 1842-1888).
  5. Barbara Augustine (ca. 1844 - ?) married Henry A Fox (1838 - ?).
  6. Mary Harriet Augustine (1846-1940) married James Russell (1833-1899).
  7. Perry Augustine (ca. 1847-1879) married Weltha Householder (1851-1877).
  8. John Quincy Augustine (1850-1927) married Elizabeth [--?--] (ca. 1848-1898).
  9. Margaret Augustine (1852-1853).
  10. Jacob L Augustine (1855-1919) married Maryetta Underwood (1857-1913).
  11. Lucretia Augustine (1856-1857).
Sons Silas, Hiram and George served in the Civil War.

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